About Us

About Us

We’re a small group of dedicated professionals who specialize in creating engaging, thoughtful, and entertaining content.


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Who We Are


Ervin Gray

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Deven Gray

Deven Gray

You won't see me much! I'm more of a behind-the-scenes guy. It has to be said that I'm an indispensable member of the family. Around here I'm primarily responsible for upgrading, maintaining, and modifying the website. I also help out with copy for the videos, brainstorming ideas, and whatever needs my touch.

Our story

Allons-y Gaming, which is based off the french phrase for “Let’s Go”, is the brainchild of Ervin Porter. This project was founded in late 2017, with plans to push fully ahead into 2018. Taking a cue from Youtuber, “Ask a Mortician” (here | also here), Allons-y Gaming will be embracing 2018 as our “Year of Content”.

We invite you to join us on our journey, get to know us, follow us, like our content, and subscribe to our channels. Allons-y Gaming is only just getting started. We produce content all about gaming, hardware, reviews in our unique style. With your help, we will be able to create content that is entertaining, informational, engaging, and timeless.